Yodelmaster Delay & Echo


  • - Two modes: Delay & Echo
  • - Maximal delay time ~580ms
  • - Tap tempo
  • - Stereo
  • - Four notes subdivisions
  • - FX Loop
  • - Modulation
  • - Expression pedal input
  • - True Bypass or Trails 
  • - Handmade
  • - 9VDC or 9V Battery
  • - Current draw: ~45mA
  • - Size:145mm x 121mm
  • - Two years transferable warranty



Delay modes

The Yodelmaster is based on the PT2399. The signal path is completely analogue, the input signal stays unaltered, maintaining the original tone. The Yodelmaster offers two delay modes: 

Echo: Saturation of the classic tape echo units.  

Delay: Emulates the warm sound of a BBD analog delay.  


Four notes subdivisions: quarter, eighth, dotted-eighth or sixteenth. 


Stereo: Two outputs. One with the dry signal and the other one with the repeats. You can connect only one jack in the MIX OUT to obtain the entire signal.

Stereo scheme  

Modulation: Adds an elegant chorus to the repeats. You may also obtain crazy sounds.

Tap Tempo: Tap tempo function with led indicator. High quality clickless switch.

Tap Tempo 

FX Loop: Connect your own pedals to the FX Loop. Add an EQ to change the tone of the repeats, a Flanger, a Chorus, a Tremolo...

FX Loop scheme

Expression Pedal: Connect an expression pedal to control the feedback of the Yodelmaster.

Yodel3 399 266 95

True Bypass or Trails: In the True Bypass mode, the signal passes directly from the input jack to the output jack whenever the pedal is switched off. In the trails mode the delay will naturally fade out and not turn off abruptly when you turn off the pedal. You can switch between modes using an internal DIP switch.

Inside Detail  


The Relay True Bypass system uses a soft touch switch (no click), a high quality relay and a microcontroller to activate the effect. This type of switches are much more durable and silence than the classical 3PDT switches used on True Bypass pedals. 

Relay True Bypass