Logo Yodelino

  • - Two modes: Delay & Echo
  • - Maximal delay time ~580ms
  • - Tap tempo via External tap footswitch (not included)
  • - Four notes subdivisions
  • - FX Loop
  • - Handmade
  • - 9VDC
  • - Current draw: ~22mA
  • - Size: 110mm x 60mm
  • - Two years transferable warranty



Echo Delay

Same great delay sounds from our Yodelmaster on a smaller box!

The Yodelino is based on the PT2399. The signal path is completely analogue, the input signal stays unaltered, maintaining the original tone.

The Yodelino offers two delay modes: 

Echo: Saturation of the classic tape echo units.  

Delay: Emulates the warm sound of a BBD analog delay.  


Tap Tempo: An external tap tempo switch (not included) connected to the Yodelino Tap Input controls the delay tempo. It also allows to change between four notes subdivisions.

Conexiones Tap 

Four notes subdivisions: quarter, eighth, dotted-eighth or sixteenth. 


FX Loop: Connect your own pedals to the FX Loop. Add an EQ to change the tone of the repeats, a Flanger, a Chorus, a Tremolo...

Conexiones Loop


The Relay True Bypass system uses a soft touch switch (no click), a high quality relay and a microcontroller to activate the effect. This type of switches are much more durable and silence than the classical 3PDT switches used on True Bypass pedals. 

Relay True Bypass



     -WIMA Capacitors made in Germany
     -1% SMD resistors
     -Alpha potentiometers
     -Neutrik Jacks
     -Hammond enclosure