Logo Glam

  • - 100% Analog high gain distortion
  • - Clean boost
  • - 5 programmable presets
  • - 640 presets via MIDI
  • - Live mode on preset 6
  • - Expression pedal/CV assignable 
  • - Full MIDI implementation
  • - MIDI Editor
  • - Relay True Bypass 
  • - Handmade
  • - 9VDC
  • - Current draw: ~155mA
  • - Size:120mm x 65mm
  • - Two years transferable warranty



The Servus! Glam offers a classic 70's-early 80's British amp-like distortion. With a very good dynamic response the Glam brings from a crunchy overdrive to a hard rock distortion.



The clean boost is placed after the gain stage and delivers 15dB of extra punch to your amp. Like all the others parameters on the Glam, the boost section parameters (on/off and boost level) can be easily stored on one of the 5 available presets. 




The Servus! Glam is an 100% classic analog distortion. But what to make the Glam different is the programmable system. All the pedal parameters can be stored in one of the 5 available presets (640 via MIDI).

Each parameter (level, tone, gain, boost section and expression pedal assignment) is controlled by a microprocessor but the guitar signal stays always analog.


Programming the Glam is very easy. Just search your favourite setup in the chosen preset and press the PRESET switch 2 seconds. Your setup is now stored!
Just press the PRESET button to navigate between preset 1-6. The preset 6 is the live mode. On this preset the parameters matches the actual knobs and switch positions.


All parameters of the Glam can be controlled via MIDI control change messages. The number of available presets can be increased from 5 to 640 with the use of program change messages. 

The Glam has 128 banks (program change messages 0-127) of 5 presets each using MIDI. Preset 6 is always live mode.

Take a look to the user manual to see all MIDI options.


*MIDI DIN 5 to 3,5mm adapter



The Glam comes with a small editor to make everything easier. You can access your presets, save new setups with the live controls, or play with some of our factory presets. Link to the Editor

glam editor

*For Chrome v.43 or higher for Windows, OSX, and Linux



You can assign the Gain and Level controls to the Expression Pedal/CV input. This option can be stored on a preset, and the next time you recall this preset you can control the parameter with an expression pedal or CV signal (0-5V). 

*Know more about compatible expression pedals on the manual.



The Relay True Bypass system uses a soft touch switch (no click), a high quality relay and a microcontroller to activate the effect. This type of switches are much more durable and silence than the classical 3PDT switches used on True Bypass pedals. 

Relay True Bypass



     -1% Metal film resistors
     -WIMA Capacitors made in Germany
     -Alpha potentiometers
     -Neutrik Jacks