Manu Herrera


Manu Herrera is a guitarist with an extensive professional background involving many different projects. He has performed numerous concerts, clinics, demos and masterclasses in various parts of the country, presenting his albums "Colours" (2004) and "Waiting for the Rain" (2012).

These works display a wide range of influences and styles ranging from instrumental rock, country, celtic, new age, and film music, to the funk of the 70s and disco of the 80s. The music is written and performed from a very personal perspective. 


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What he thinks about the Shark Attack!: 

 "What I am looking to do when I set up my pedal board is to have access to the largest possible number of pedals in the smallest space." Highly sensitive dynamics, the Shark Attack gives me the tonal versatility I need to play different styles and I was struck by the way the drive controls, volume and tone interact, like they would in a real amplifier. Now, I do not need to use as many different overdrives. I have it all in one."