Logo Photophobia

  • - Optical Compressor
  • - High quality vactrol optocoupler
  • - WIMA Capacitors
  • - 1% Metal film resistors
  • - Relay True Bypass
  • - Handmade in Germany
  • - 9VDC
  • - Current draw: ~9mA
  • - Size: 113 x 61mm
  • - Two years transferable warranty


The Servus!Pedale Photophobia is an optical compressor that doesn't color the original guitar tone. Thanks to the high quality components the Photophobia offers a transparent compression without adding any noise to the signal.

The attack and release values are preconfigured in order to obtain a smooth and natural compression. With only two knobs it's very easy to find your favourite setup.

The Photophobia works great with overdrives and distortions, adding sustain to the guitar tone. It works also very well for clean sounds and rhythm guitars.



The Relay True Bypass system uses a soft touch switch (no click), a high quality relay and a microcontroller to activate the effect. This type of switches are much more durable and silence than the classical 3PDT switches used on True Bypass pedals. 

Relay True Bypass


     -WIMA Capacitors made in Germany
     -1% Metal film resistors
     -Alpha potentiometers
     -Neutrik Jacks
     -Hammond enclosure